Eugene Kuo: photography and design

Eugene Kuo
Seaek: great photos by Eugene Kuo of beautiful places (Bali, Java, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, Myanmar.)
Eugene has more four sites of photos of Asia (all with nice shots): Four weeks in the four corners of Sri Lanka, Three Months in China, My Girlfriend is an Airline Stewardess and karachi. For much more galleries of photos visit his site.
PS.: all the sites with photos of Asia open a pop-up and use Flash.

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2 Responses to Eugene Kuo: photography and design

  1. Ray Rico says:

    I’m doing research on the internet on the name, Bi Bi. That was my mother’s name. She has passed away a few years back. She was of Chinese decent from Vietnam. None of the Vietnamese I know are familiar with this name. I want to find out the meaning behind it. what country are you from?
    Ray Rico

  2. Bibi says:

    My name is Bianca, and I’m from Brazil. Seems that Bibi is a very commom name on Midle East. My mom call me Bibi, it’s my nickname.

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