Did you try Mooter? Mooter is a web search that shows the results in groups, subcategories and the site relations among the results. Very cool.

Mooter results search

The article Seeking Better Web Searches from the magazine Scientific American talks about the web searches and Mooter:

Mooter, an innovative search engine that also employs clustering techniques, provides researchers with several additional advantages by presenting its clusters visually. It arrays the subcategory buttons around a central button representing all the results, like the spokes of a wheel. Clicking on a cluster button retrieves lists of relevant links and new, associated clusters. Mooter remembers the chosen clusters. By clicking on the ” refine” option, which combines previously retrieved search clusters with the current query, a user can obtain even more precise results.

(Thanks for the link Renato!)

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2 Responses to Mooter

  1. Gesiel says:

    Obtive esta emblemática frase: “Oh dear, there don’t seem to be any mooting results.”
    Nas paradas “conhecidas do insucessso”! 🙂

  2. Bibi says:

    Ele foi bonzinho comigo, pelo menos achou as coisas que eu pedia.

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