Friday Cat Blogging: Basil and Petey

Happy Friday Cat Blogging! Start seeing more link of cute and fluffy friends on Friday Ark.
This week ther are some links and some photos of cats. Starting with Basil – the cat that doesn’t understand that the box is smaller than he.
Some fun on Flickr: three comic strips about cats.
Suggestion: don’t start the weekend stressed. Relax with the purrr on CD: CatPurring:

Purrr is a sixty-minute journey into relaxation. The album contains three tracks of high-quality purring recorded at a sophisticated sound studio and expertly mastered. The total runtime is just over an hour.

One more suggestion of CD: Music for cats and friends – music for your cat enjoy.
Maybe we are being manipulated for our cute cats:
Cats are domesticated animals that have learned what levers to push, what sounds to make to manage our emotions. Read the article.
Weird cat animations: Kitty Cat Dance and hiss of death. (via The Cartoonist)
And the beautiful cat of the week is Petey:

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