Flickr world map

Flickr world map is a Firefox extension to use with Flickr and is based on the GeoURL extension. And how it works?

When you’re on a web page which has been tagged with geourl metadata the globe will light up. Left click on the globe to visit the geourl page for that location or right click (ctrl click on the mac) on the globe to see a flash world map for that location with flickr photos and websites for the nearest city.

When you roll over a city a search is done through the flickr tags looking for the most recent photo with tags that match the city and country name. If nothing is found a search just for the city name is repeated.

Search result from my blog with Flickr world map extension

You can also download the flash photoblog world map to put on your site, and make a donation first, or just search on Flickr world map. Very cool tool! (via GeoURL Log)

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