International Women’s Day

It’s a little late, but it’s not too late to say: congratulations to us for the International Women’s Day! We deserve more love, respect, nice words, equality in relationships, jobs, and in society and this day is just a way to show that some things about us are still very wrong.
As usual Google has a special logo:
Google women's day logo
And I selected some links about this day, the history of it and other links about women’s achievements:
History of Women in Sports Timeline: a timeline of women and their achievements in the sports, from 776 B.C till 2005.
Human Rights Watch has a special session for Women’s Human Rights (Discrimination / Domestic Violence / Trafficking / Education / Family).
International Women’s Day: a site dedicated to celebrate this day, with information about local events and organizations related.
International Women’s Day: a teacher’s guide with a program of information and fun to celebrate the I International Women’s Day with a focus on women, peace and politics.
International Women’s Day 2005 on United Nations. Gender Equality Beyond 2005: building a more secure future.
Librarians’ Index to the Internet has a list of links about women and divide by subject. There are descriptions and some comments about each link.
Living the Legacy: The Women’s Rights Movement 1848 – 1998.
Women’s History Facts: the history of the contributions of women to the history of the United States.
Women’s Human Rights Net: founded in 1997, WHRnet aims to provide reliable, comprehensive, and timely information and analyses on women’s human rights in English, Spanish and French.
Women’s Human Rights Resources: This searchable database lists hundreds of articles, documents and links related to international women’s rights law or the domestic application of international women’s rights law.
Women’s Rights Movement in the U.S.: timeline of key events in the American women’s rights movement.
By the way, spread the word:
Stop the violence

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