Andrew Livingston and George Morris

Toadd by Andrew Livingston

Bauwel Movement: The works of Andrew Livingston and George Morris.

George and Andrew have been working collaboratively as artists since 2000. Their first series of paintings reflected their mutual views of the entertainment industry, in which they both spent many years working. The cynical and humorous representations of show business appeared to be reflected in the music they were listening to at the time – the music of Frank Zappa – which led to the next series of paintings, inspired by and celebrating the music and lyrics of Zappa.

(via Carolina Vigna-Marú)

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  1. Sarah Morgan says:

    i am trying to look for Andrew livingston. he is an old family friend and have not seen him in over 10 years.if there is any way you could help me please send me an email.
    many thanks

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