Tim Biskup

Night Light
Night Light
Tim Biskup: paintings, digital images, toys and objects. His colourful paintings with bizarre creatures and lots of symbols are fabulous. I didn’t know his paintings, but I saw the toys design by him in other site. Maybe some Boing Boing link? And remember that you can buy some of his works in the shop.

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  1. Lala says:

    Hey guys,
    i figured that if you’re interested in tim biskup you’d probably be into the artist bars sold by Chocolate Bar. I saw the art on a poster outside thier window and checked it out. thier new box set of chocolate bars will feature wrappers designed by artists like tim biskup, david horvath (the guy who designed UGLY DOLLS) and gary baseman.
    its actually kinda cool. check it out at http://www.chocolatebarnyc.com

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