The Terry Gilliam Fanzine

Jean Rochefort as Don Quixote
Dreams: The Terry Gilliam Fanzine has many cool things about Terry Gillian. You can see all his filmography (as director), the next projects, biography, books, photos and other cool stuff. The bad thing: the Dream site didn’t work very well with my Firefox, just could opened the links with Internet Explorer.
His last film,Tideland, has a site with many information about it.
BTW, I still wanting to see Lost in La Mancha. (via Quiddity)

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3 Responses to The Terry Gilliam Fanzine

  1. Miguel says:

    Terry Gilliam rocks. I’ve watched Brazil at least 10 times and still love that movie. 12 Monkeys is also pretty good too.

  2. Bibi says:

    I didn’t see Brazil yet. 🙁
    I WANT TO SEE IT! Ok, my friend Adriano has the DVD of the film.

  3. penelope says:

    I’ve just seen brazil…it’s great but can someone tell me how stoppard is involved?

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