Mark Ryden

Clear hearts, grey flowers

Mark Ryden: illustrations. A beautiful visual with dark influence, religion, cute bizarre little girls, elements of the popular American culture, meat, Abraham Lincoln and much more in a strange universe. Very nice work.

Mark’s paintings instantly trigger a warped deja vu. His work recalls a parallel universe of 1950s Golden Books and the whimsy of Lewis Carroll. His cheery bunnies, rendered in the glowing hues of children’s books, are likely to be carving slabs of meat rather than frolicking in the forest. Ryden’s work mingles superb technique with outre images to create a world of strange and disturbing beauty.

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  1. Convido V. Exas a visitar a Embaixada de Zurugoa:

  2. gabitch says:

    ooo si ellas son jack off jill!
    mark ryden colaboro con ellas
    en los discos …
    buena combinacion
    mark ryden y jack off jill!
    los amo!!

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