Let’s eat the paper!

Homaro Cantu

Forget takeout, eat a print-out

Cantu, a cordon-bleu chef, has modified an ink-jet printer to create dishes made of edible paper that can taste like anything from birthday cake to sushi.
The printer’s cartridges are loaded with fruit and vegetable concoctions instead of ink, and the paper tray contains edible sheets of soybean and potato starch. Cantu then prints out tasty versions of images he has downloaded from the web.

I want one of those printers. This is almost the recipe book of my dreams, where I can choose a page with a delicious recipe and eat. No more cooking! (Sorry friends, but I’m not so good in the kitchen, and you know that).

font color=”red”>Update: The New York Times has an article about Homaro Cantu and this fabulous printer also. Link.

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