One more tool that works with The idea seems very cool: find people with the same interests using your bookmarks. Didn’t work with my username when I tested but worked with joshua(Joshua Schachter) and joi_ito (Joichi Ito). To know more read the about on

Update: is closed.

It looks like got too popular for its own good; with the amount of people checking out similar users, received a bunch (too many) calls from this page. I tried to program it to be as nice as possible, but it still required some work from
So what’s that mean? Well, is closed, at least for now. Hopefully a functionality will be built into soon when there’s more bandwidth and more powerful servers.

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  1. João M. says:

    Comigo (joaom) estava funcionando, mas ontem começou a dar problema.
    Agora eles fecharam o site, olha lá.
    Vítima do próprio sucesso.

  2. Bibi says:

    É, vi agora pouco 🙁
    Nem consegui testar com meu username. Claro que é pessoal 😀

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