Friday Cat Blogging – 5

Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow. Jeff Valdez. More quotations about cats here.
Happy Friday Cat Blogging! And Happy Friday Ark! And no more sweet and cute kitties. This is the week of is the evil cats, the Mean Kitty week. Starring Spike:
Tips about cats:
– Do you know how to feed your cat with Linux? If you don’t, read How I Feed My Cats with Linux.
– One more tip about cats: How to Toilet-Train Your Cat.
– And the last: Rules for straycats! – Strict, Unbending Rules For Dealing With Stray Cats.
Stray Cat
More stuff about cats:
Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. is an organization of professionals writing, publishing and broadcasting about cats.
Cat Collectors: an international organization established in 1982 for people who enjoy collecting cat figurines, books, artwork, advertisements, calendars, postcards, paper products, stamps, needlework, jewelry, antiques, bottles, teapots, and other items which bear a cat motif.
And the beautiful, but evil, cat of the week is my sweet Melanie:
Melanie - the evil cat
Have a good week and remember Beware of cat!.

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    Friday Ark

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