Folksonomies Tap People Power

Rousseau’s photo from my cat set on Flickr
More about Folksonomy and you will go hear much more about it this year.
There are two good articles about it. The first one on Wired I just love it because of the two first paragraphs:

If the photo-sharing site Flickr is any indication, the world of digital photographers is dominated by cat people.
Dog owners would probably object. But because of Flickr’s tagging system, which allows the photographers or other users to assign identifying tags to most photos on the service, we know that Flickr hosts 23,081 images tagged with “cat” or “cats” and only 17,463 with “dog” or “dogs.”

Yes, I am a cat people, very proud of it and I have a group about cats on Flickr. And the article don’t talk about the kitten or kitty tags.
The second article has a suggestive name: Folksonomy: The Soylent Green of the 21st Century. It is a very good article as all the Many to Many articles. Btw, if you want to know more about folksonomies or social software, take a look on the Many to Many site.

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