United Nuclear

Radioactive Marbles
United Nuclear – this shop has everything the true geek really needs: radioactive ore, phosphorescent powder, pure sulphur, 0.1g precision scales, 3,000F portable blowtorches, power UV light, gunpowder and much more. There are also interesting instructions for science experiences. Among the links you can find instructions for making smoke bombs, gunpowder and more.
Don’t worry about the prices, it is not expensive. A lab glass set costs $45, the pocket butane torch is $6, strong neodymium magnets start at $7 and the 99.999% pure heavy water is only $10 for 10g and you can have your own Cesium-137 Goiania disaster for just $70.
My favourites are this and this one. And don’t forget to first read this and click on the third link in the bottom of the page, if it applies to you.

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4 Responses to United Nuclear

  1. Adam M. says:

    Damn, Bibi! What do you plan on building with all that stuff? 😉

  2. Bibi says:

    I can’t tell you. 😀
    But, don’t worry, I prefer spend money in Amazon books about Movable Type and Cinema. Maybe just two radioactive marbles…

  3. Fantástico esse site, Bibi! Adorei.
    Aquela foto do nerd perguntando
    “Looking for some uranium? Click here” é o máximo!
    E o statement de perigo que diz:
    “PAY ATTENTION… OR DIE!” é hilário! 🙂
    De onde você desencravou esse site?
    Esse site me lembra aquele outro:
    Já viu? Vale a pena! Eu já comprei coisas de lá! 🙂

  4. Bibi says:

    Desencravei? Essa foi dica do André, mas como voc~e viu o pessoal nâo achou muita graça.
    Vou lá ver esse site que você sugeriu. Obrigada pela dica. 🙂

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