Tina Modotti

Woman of Tehuantepec

The Italian photographer Tina Modotti discovered her passion for photography after met the American photographer Edward Weston. Wikipedia says:

by 1921, Modotti had become Weston’s favorite model and at some point, his lover. Mondotti’s husband Robo seems to have responded to this by moving to Mexico in 1921. After following Robo to Mexico City she discovered that he had become ill and had died two days before her arrival. She returned to America shortly thereafter. It was during this period that she, after being in front of the camera lens until then, went around to the other side and became a photographer. Eventually she replaced Margrethe Mather as Weston’s model, lover and assistant.

Tina‘s photos on this and this link. About Weston you there is this link that has only Weston photos or this, this and this one. (via PCL LinkDump)

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