Theo Jansen

Animaris Rhinoceros
The Dutch artist Theo Jansen has an amazing work that you can see in his site beyond photos and videos. I discover his beautiful work in a good article on Wired:

Theo Jansen wants to make “life” and he figures the best way to do it is to start from scratch.
A self-styled god, Jansen is evolving an entirely new line of animals: immense multi-legged walking critters designed to roam the Dutch coastline, feeding on gusts of wind. Over the years, successive generations of his creatures have evolved into increasingly complex animals that walk by flapping wings in response to the wind, discerning obstacles in their path through feelers and even hammering themselves into the sand on sensing an approaching storm.

Read also: Theo Jansen Strandbeests.

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3 Responses to Theo Jansen

  1. marcelino cardoso says:

    fiquei impressionado com a arte de Theo Jansen, é no minimo maravilhosa esta arte.
    gosta muito de obter detalhes desta obras.

  2. Christopher John Kelley says:

    I think this guy is a genius.If you like his work you may also like Tara Donavan.

  3. Bibi says:

    Thanks for the tip Christopher!

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