The Firefox Explosion

Blake Ross and Ben Goodger

After 19,000,000 downloads (now more than 20,000,000) and two full pages on New York Times, Firefox is the Wired cover. Great, but Firefox deserves much more. If you don’t use it go try it.

More on The Firefox Explosion on Wired:

It’s fast, secure, open source – and super popular. The hot new browser called Firefox is rocking the software world. (Watch your back, Bill Gates.)
Firefox the browser is an impressive piece of software. It’s easy to use, easy on the eyes, and safer than IE – partly because it’s too new to have amassed a following of evil hackers. Firefox the phenomenon is something much bigger. It’s a combination of innovations in engineering, developer politics, and consumer marketing.

And don’t forget to spread the word.

P.S.: read also the Micro Persuasion post about Firefox.

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