TERA robots

TERA robots
TERA Room Robots for Kids (Really? I don’t care, I want them)

Konami and Takara has released three new ‘TERA’ devices in a Kirby-esque robot shell. The blue TERA AV is a DVD player with a built-in projector in its eyes that can throw a 20-inch screen, while the yellow TERA LIFE is an air purification device, with built-in infrared thermometer and “alcoholic sensor.” Lastly, the green model is the TERA SECURITY, with a motion sensor and camera that will monitor a room and send images to the TERA AV if an intruder enters-unless they use the built-in biometric thumbprint sensor that slides out of its mouth.

Read more on ITMedia (Japanese) and Ployer. (via Engadget, Popgadget and Gizmodo)

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  1. Adoráveis!
    Não falei que os robôs vão dominar o mundo?
    Espere e verá! 🙂
    Beijão, Bibi!

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