Technorati tags

There is a new great-cool-useful-wonderful-powerful tool from Technorati: Tags. Maybe you heard about it on some blogs that wrote about it. The Technorati tags are from Flickr, and blog posts. You can contribute:

If your blog software supports categories and RSS/Atom (like Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad, Blogware, Radio), just use the included category system and make sure you’re publishing RSS/Atom and we’ll automatically include your posts! Your categories will be read as tags.
If your blog software does not support those things, don’t worry, you can still play. To add your post to a Technorati Tag page, all you have to do is “tag” your post by including a special link.

And there is a bookmarklet that lets you add tags to a post in much the same way you do with flickr and – you just write the tags in a text box, separated by spaces. Matt did it to help us. (via Boing Boing)
Update: there are more two good articles – Technorati Takes Tags Global and Technorati tags: Take 2.

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