Sergei Aparin

Windy Day
Fantastic painting by Sergei Aparin. Fantastic universes, strange dreams, bizarre creatures and surrealism in Aparin paintings. Or, as it is writing on the site, his work is describe as enigmatic, metaphysical, fiction, figuration, magical, mystical, sub-consciousness, paradoxical metamorphosis, metaphoric discourse. Marvellous.

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One Response to Sergei Aparin

  1. Shanelle Harley, Oxford says:

    I absolutely love surrealism art. I simply can’t get enough of it. I especially like the fairies, elves, unicorns and other mystical creatures on mystical settings. Beautiful. I love thoughts from the sub-conscious mind. They’re amazing and bewildering to look at, but so mystifying. Like entering a dream world. Thankyou.

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