Matchbox collection

Matchbox collection
Matchbox collecting – just this, a collection of matchbox labels.

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4 Responses to Matchbox collection

  1. Abhishek Gupta says:

    i also collect matchstick labels since i am 8 years old. presently i have around 1500 labels.
    i live in india.

  2. prasad kulkarni says:

    Nice to meet u. I got ur source thru Google.
    I stay at mumbai borivali, I hav 5000 (five thousand) diff. types of match boxes.
    Feel free to contact me for exchange.

  3. kaushik dutta says:

    i also collect matchbox mostly indian.i have very little collection.

  4. yogesh maralkar says:

    I got ur info through Google.I collect match box of different varieties.Currently i have around 5000all different match box covers.I would like to increase more with foreign labels.
    i am studying at IITkanpur.I collect since age of 7.plz contact me if u have anything to share,my pleasure for same.

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