Greta Garbo

Queen Christina
Greta Garbo deserves more love. I remember the day when she died: I watched the beautiful Queen Christina. That day started my admiration for her. My love for the old and for silent films begin earlier when I saw Modern Times.
Garbo was one of the greatest actress in the cinema history; she was much more, was a myth (specially by the way that she left the cinema). She had a powerful way to look, a great voice (even with the accent) and a fantastic presence in the scene (or was just the light?).
About Garbo: postcards, filmography, stamps, magazine covers and much more here, here, here and here. And I chose three wonderful photos: this, this and this one very sexy.

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3 Responses to Greta Garbo

  1. Gesiel says:

    Por sinal, muito bonta nesta foto.

  2. Bibi says:

    Eu acho essa mulher maravilhosa. Foi difícil escolher só uma foto, então coloquei vários links pelo post. 🙂

  3. William Overly says:

    What makes her different?
    In the movie CAMILLE, we have a woman whose not naive. She knows all about sex. But what she’s interetsed in is LOVE. Remember LOVE? Movies used to be about love. Today movies about romance are like corporate CEOs. They don’t give a damn about the product (LOVE). All they care about is the profit (SEX).

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