Gastronomy for Geeks

Now O’Reilly has Gastronomy for Geeks, Community Cookbook.

Pizza, Twinkies, and Jolt are geek haute cuisine for a stereotypical few. Many of you know the difference between au jus and baba ghanoush, and that Thai shish kabob isn’t called sauté. So, you Geek Gourmets, come share your favorite recipes, or see what your peers are cooking by browsing the categories to the right.
Please note: We can assure you that the code recipes in O’Reilly Cookbooks have been thoroughly tested for accuracy, and their outcome will not cause you any discomfort. We cannot, however, make any promises about your satisfaction with these culinary delights.

Try some recipes there, like Snickerdoodles. (via Joi Ito’s Web)

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