Eugène Atget

Ragpicker, avenue des Gobelins

Eugène Atget is one my favourite photographers. He keep the memory and history of Paris in the end of XIX century and beginning of the XX century alive. His photos show not the glamour of that beautiful city, but the tradesmen, ragpickers, works, buildings, stores and the simple people. The city, the rhythm, the urban life in Paris are impressed in Atget’s photos. Beyond of his photos of architecture, stores and old shops I can feel the life that there isn’t there, through the atmosphere, the light and the scene. You can find some of the thousands of photos that he made in some good books about him or try these sites: this, this and this.

Kiosk and Street Fair, Fête du Vaugirard

See also The Atget Rephotographic Project, a very interesting work:

The photographs displayed here are the result of an ongoing project begun by students in the first Paris program group in 1987, the rephotography of sites photographed by the French photographer Eugène Atget who, between 1900 and 1926, made approximate 6,000 photographs of Paris. Using reproductions of Atget’s photographs, students attempted to locate his “tripod holes” and to replicate the exact view and framing of his original scene.

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