Emmy’s Music Meme

Passing the Emmy’s Music Meme from the Emmy blog:
What’s the total size of all the music files on your computer?
Difficult question. Let me see… 10G + 8,6G + 4G + 714MB. Do the count. 🙂
Last CD purchased?
Legião Urbana, Acústico that I didn’t know why I didn’t have it yet.
What was literally the last song you listened to before reading this message?
Gwen Stefani, The real thing – the beginning sound like New Order. Strange.
List four songs you listen to very regularly or that mean a lot to you:
Four that men a a lot:
Always on my mind, Pet Shop Boys
Yesterday, Beatles
Por enquanto, Legião Urbana
In your eyes, Peter Gabriel
Ok, not really, but I remember of those with very good feelings.

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