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William gibson site
Did you know that William Gibson has a blog? I didn’t. Gibson wrote the famous cyberpunk book Neuromancer, that I’m still reading, because I’m a slow writer and stay so much time in front of the computer. But I will go finish very soon – the book is really good. If you like some sci-fi films of the 80’s, The Matrix or Johnny Mnemonic you have to read this book. If you are a geek or a nerd you have to read it too. The Gibson ideas about future, technology, science, cyberspace, computers, connections and culture are amazing. Maybe not so powerful today and not so surprising, but the book was wrote 20 years ago, so give me a break and go read it. And for help you there is Study Guide for William Gibson: Neuromancer.
Still talking about writers and blogs there are also Neil Gaiman and Bruce Sterling. The Neil Gaiman journal has some interesting posts, but I never sign on my feeds reader. But I was I reader of the Beyond the Beyond, the Sterling’s blog, and just stopped because I have a lot of things to read, but the site is very cool. If you know another interesting writer that has a blog, please tell me.

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