The Ten Commandments of Social Networking Applications

Essa é mais uma daquelas coisas que eu deveria ter postado há séculos, mas só agora vou postar. The Ten Commandments of Social Networking é algo que deveria valer em todas as redes sociais. O artigo é longo, mas muito interessante, vale à pena ser lido. No entanto quero chamar a atenção para os dez mandamentos que se referem ao comportamento do site em si e que realmente deveriam ser seguidos. Uma pena que não achei ainda uma lista para o comportamento das pessoas nessas redes sociais.
1. Social networking applications shall provide explicit and easily used opt-out features; specifically, every message sent by a social networking application on behalf of users, as marketing, or for whatever purpose shall provide a mechanism for complete opt-out, as well as a means to opt-out by email and at the SNA website.
2. SNAs shall not send messages to any user’s contacts without the explicit consent of the user, and without first displaying both the list of contacts to which the message is to be directed, as well as the complete content of the message.
3. SNAs shall not expose any user’s contact information or the information associated with the user’s contacts to anyone other than the user without the explicit permission of the user.
4. SNAs shall prohibit unsolicited commercial messages through their systems, and should bar or block users that try to send such messages.
5. SNAs shall provide means so that users can block messages from specific users.
6. SNAs shall provide users an “unlisted” capability, so that their use of the system can be undiscoverable if they wish.

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