New Year’s Resolutions 2005

Those are my New Year’s Resolutions – in 2005 I will go:
– Get a job
– Read more
– Be less lazy
– Be a red hair
– Learn French
– Buy a camera
– Be more cynical
– Be more patient
– Be a smiling girl
– Get one more cat
– See more movies
– Hear more music
– Do some exercise
– Hug more people
– Take more photos
– Meet more friends
– Laugh much more
– Travel a little more
– Keep my blog alive
– Meet the old friends
– Make my homepage
– Start a diet and finish
– Try more new things
– See more expositions
– Upgrade my computer
– Try to help more people
– Make English classrooms
– Move out from this apartment
– Change the layout of this blog
– Keep my relationships on web
– Try to keep the hope in humanity
– Make more friends and keep them
– Not expend so much hours sleeping
– Keep my good feelings about people
– Answer my emails when I receive them
– Be nicer with people who really deserves
– Try not eat so much candies or chocolates
– Not stay so many hours in front of the computer
– Try not believe in everything that people tell me
– Try a Master of Cinema and other in Social Communication
– Be a better person.
But not in this sequence. And yes, in 2005 I want much more about almost everything. Have a happy and great New Year. See you on 2005!

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5 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions 2005

  1. mcheron says:

    Have a happy New Year, too.
    You have a very long list of resolutions on your blog. I noticed one, learn French! What is the the reason of this resolution (if is it no personal reason)? I am French men (that is ewplained my little level in English). And I am curious about it. It is rare that one people wants learn French today. Young people prefere English, Chinese…
    I wish you reach all yours resolutions
    Sincerely Mcheron

  2. João M. says:

    Eu só tenho uma resolução para o ano que vem: ser feliz.
    Feliz ano novo Bibi!

  3. Bibi says:

    Why French? A lot of reasons! First cinema! I love the French movies. Second: cinema books! There are a lot of good books about cinema in French. What else? France is a beautiful country and I want to go there some day, and speaking in French is easier and “tr?s” cool. There are also interesting blogs and site only in French. And I have a French friend too. See? A lot of good reasons, and French is sexy, I think. 🙂

  4. Gesiel says:

    Grandes resoluções!
    Seja sempre assim: mire sempre na Lua, por que se errar, ainda assim estará entre as estrelas.
    Feliz 2005!

  5. New Year’s Resolutions

    Welcome to 2005, everyone! Can you believe this decade is almost half over already? Kind of a crappy decade so far if you ask me, at least geopolitically speaking. Here’s hoping it starts to turn around soon.
    I’m going to take this opportunity to sh…

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