Movable Type 3.14

Movable Type 3.14 is out! I want it! I’m a little compulsive, but the blog of Movable Type Publishing Platform showed to me some good reasons to update:

The most important change in this release concerns unnecessary rebuilding in the case of comments which are forced into a moderated state for whatever reason (e.g. via a preference setting or a plugin callback). Moderated comments should not trigger a rebuild because the content of the site remains unchanged. However, due to an errant conditional statement, rebuilds occurred regardless of comment status. We have fixed this problem which will make a significant difference in performance for servers under the burden of a comment spam attack.
The second change eliminates unnecessary database connections related to internal bookkeeping for dynamic publishing. Dynamic publishing relies on these records to know what content to serve the user in place of a static file. In previous versions, this overhead was incurred even if the user had not elected to use dynamic pages. This issue has been rectified and improves the balance of benefits between static and dynamic pages.
Finally, we have altered the defaults for new weblogs in Movable Type to enable comment moderation by default for commenters who are not authenticated via TypeKey. Not only is this an improvement in the quest for sane defaults for new users, but as a side benefit, it also eliminates the following error on new Movable Type blogs:
“Comment registration is required but no TypeKey token has been given in weblog configuration!”

So, André, can you please update the MT for me and install the plugins that I want?

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  1. Gesiel says:

    só boas novas… quem sabe o layout novo sai junto com a migração de versão?

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