Kerik Kouklis

Kerik Kouklis
Kerik Kouklis says:

I photograph the places and things that catch my eye as I travel through life. Although my work can be broadly described as “landscape photography”, it is on a different path from the traditional landscape genre. Over the past several years I have migrated away from that approach and now find myself doing work that I consider much more personal. My photographs are often subtle and thoughtful and are seldom dramatic. I often photograph in fog or very low light, giving many of my images the ethereal quality that I am after.

He has beautiful photos from Greece, roads, night fog, urban parklands and more. I love the fog and sepia effect on his photos, but the colour photos are really great also.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Terrific pointer, as usual from your site, Bibi. Hey, thanks for sharing these pictures with us :*

  2. Sebastian says:

    That is a BEAUTIFUL a photo!

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