Impudence and Offense to God?

The Polar Express

After reading the analysis of The Polar Express on CAP alert I decided that maybe I will go see the movie.

The Polar Express is a magnificent Christmas time achievement but Christ was not mentioned. Not even in vain. The Reason for the season was absent. Granted, all movies do not have to be Christian, but Christmas is. If it were not for Christ there would be no Christmas. So much for the claims of The Polar Express presenting a “faith message.” The Polar Express indeed presented many positive values and concepts, but faith in Jesus and Salvation through His Sacrifice was not one of them. I am dismayed that so many people are afraid to even mention Jesus.

I can’t stop laughing, sorry. (via the great Need to Know) But one movie that I definitely will go see here in March is Team America and now I have much more the reasons here. BTW, you can create your own Team member here.

My Team America

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