Did you have any problem with the postal service?

My friend Emmy had some. Now I have to send more coffee to her. And I can add that another friend had some problems with the postman in UK that didn’t find him in home and sent my mail back to Brazil!
Ok, now I have more coffee to drink here. My boyfriend had some problems with mail also, because an American on-line book store put in the box description “books and gift” and he had to paid more for the customs. The gift was a magnifying glass (very cheap) and for the one more word on the box description he paid two times what he spent with all the books in it.
Maybe I have to stop to send coffee to distance friends and start to send pepper. What do you think?

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One Response to Did you have any problem with the postal service?

  1. emmeke says:

    I really like the pepper idea. Or something strong like garlic would perhaps also work. 😉

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