Any Suggestion?

Google Suggest
The Google Blog says:

Today we launched Google Suggest, a new Labs project that provides you with search suggestions, in real time, while you type. We’ve found that Google Suggest not only makes it easier to type in your favourite searches (let’s face it — we’re all a little lazy), but also gives you a playground to explore what others are searching about, and learn about things you haven’t dreamt of.

I tried the search with the letter “b”, and best buy and bbc were the first results; added “i” and bit torrent was the first word; with one more “b” the bible was the suggestion (very wrong for me). You can see above my last tried to find me there. Anyway, I like it, I just have to try a little more. More news about Google Suggestion on Google Blogoscoped, Inside Google and Slashdot.

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