My new Fotolog

La face cachée de la lune
I have a new Fotolog to post photos and comments about cinema, art, books, theather and other kind of events. I created that other fotolog to separate personal things and comments that have some relations with this blog, so the name of my new one is Bibi’s Box. Be free to post some comments there.
The first post is about La Face cachée de la lune, by Robert Lepage. I accept some suggestions about things that I can post there. And I promise post my new topic there in English, if someone post a comment in English there. My personal Fotolog is now called Enquanto isso na Mostra…, but I will go change this name soon, and I will still post personal comments there. See you.
Update: the fotolog was closed.

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One Response to My new Fotolog

  1. Gesiel says:

    Bibi, mais um? Pô, tem que ser multi-tarefa preempitiva pra administrar isto tudo… Fui lá, ok?

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