Hypo-allergenic Cats


The news are not new, and I heard about it a long time ago, but now there is a site where you can make a pre-order to buy a hypo-allergenic cat! I just saw: Hypo-Allergenic Cats Now Available for Pre-Order. What else can we expect from genetic? So you can go to the Allerca site and make you pre-order for a cute hypo-allergenic British Shorthair, and wait for you new cat that will come in 2007. Allerca says:

While some breeds of cats have been promoted as having less allergen than others, scientists that have tested this hypothesis have shown that all cats, regardless of breed, produce allergen. Allerca will produce the first cats that will not affect human allergies.
The first breed of hypoallergenic cat produced will be the British Shorthair, known to be friendly, playful and affectionate. Other popular breeds will follow soon.

What I really want to know is: what kind of experiences did they make with the cats? How many cats died with problems in DNA because of that? I really want to know if it is only my imagination or it is true what I think. (via /.)

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