Google Local: not here

Google Local

Google Local helps you focus your search on a specific geographic location.Sometimes you want to search the whole worldwide web, and sometimes you just want to find an auto parts store within walking distance.

New Google Local Sites: France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and some more. But, there isn’t a Google Local for Brazil (ps. I know that here is a big country, but I still want it).

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2 Responses to Google Local: not here

  1. Diauspiter says:

    The Google’s Machine of World Conquest is on the move…
    Near, in the future… O1 will be activated!

  2. Bibi says:

    A há! Postou aqui!
    Ah, não tenho medo do Google 🙂
    Só fiquei triste de não ter um aqui… nem se quer para São Paulo. Ok, eu posso esperar mais alguns anos, eu acho.

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