Gaming women

The last news about women and online games that I found were:
Online games attract more women
Girl Gamers Grow Up
On those two articles you can read how WE are playing much more every day, but the market still concentrate for do games for men. I’m one of those women that are playing more online, but I usually play on two German sites: OGame and BrettspielWelt. The last one is a portal, a wonderful site I have to say, with online versions of more than 50 multiple-user games and some few more for single-user, and the best thing, there is a online version. Take a look also on to find more links about games. (via misbehaving)

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  1. jim says:

    I was doing some research on the industry and found there’s a surprisingly strong segment of middle-aged women who like to play puzzle and non-violent multiplayer (e.g., checkers) games. A local vendor has had success with a subscriptions based service ($10/month) offering multiple games. While this doesn’t have the panache of Halo 2, it’s definitely business I’d want!

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