My lovely old city

Rua do Rosário, 1862, by Militão Augusto de Azevedo
My city is not so old as the European cities with more than 1000 years. My lovely São Paulo made 450 years this year. I love my city: is a caos, there are millions living here, is one of greatest cities in the world, there are pollution here, violence, people don’t have time, but I love it. But you there a lot of cinemas, museums, parks, places to go to dance, some great festivals happen here, you can find almost all kind of food and culinary/restaurants, and you can find almost everything here, you just have to looking for a little more.
Here is not a beautiful city now, but was a very charming city in the begining of the XX century and became much better in 1922 when a lot reforms were made to the Centenary of Independence.
In 2002 I made a work for the cinema college about the center of São Paulo and discover Militão Augusto de Azevedo, one of the first photographers to made a quotidian registry of São Paulo in the XIX century. He made a beautiful and honorable work and I have to say thanks to him, because now I know how small was here and the memories and history are printed on those photos.
There is a wonderful book with Militão photos called Militão Augusto de Azevedo: São Paulo nos anos 1860, from 2001, that I have and recommend, but now is out of print. Militão also made a work called Álbum Comparativo da Cidade de São Paulo (Comparative Album of the City of São Paulo) where he put photos taken on the same places on 1862 and 1887. In 1914 some shop made commemorative album adding more photos, in the same places, of the city in that year. For that college work I and my friend Pedro take pictures in the same places too. So the photos here are just a few part of that work: they were taken in the same street, that the change the name 2 times, and almost in the same position.
Rua da Imperatriz, 1887 by Militão Augusto de Azevedo
Rua 15 de Novembro, 1914
Rua 15 de Novembro, 2002 by Pedro Toledo and Bianca Bueno
Update more pictures at my Flickr set Álbum Comparativo da Cidade de São Paulo (1862-1887-1914).

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