How do you choose your feeds?

This is a good question and I made it to myself when I was trying to read my Bloglines feeds today. There were something like 6500 entries to read, but the problem was that there were many feeds with more than 200 entries and when I open them, they won’t load. Ok, I lost a lot of information, so I started to clean up my feeds. But I had to choose criteria to delete some of them.
Do you use the same rules to add and delete feeds? I don’t. I add a feed if there is something interesting on the blog/site, or I saw the blog/site on another, like an indication, or I search for a subject, or I accept the Bloglines suggestion. I keept my feeds based on these:
Themes or Subjects
Updates (per day or month)
Blogging style (read more about it on Blogging Style: The Basic Posting Formats)
Blogs of Friends (yes, I read blogs of my friends when I know the link)
Importance (What do I add to my culture or knowledge reading that site?)
And talking about Blogging Style, I think that on this blog I use these styles: Link Blurbs, Brief Remarks, List-Style Postings and Short Articles.

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