This week the woman is the famous Diana:
Diana Bathing by Jean-Antoine Watteau
One more picture of the XVII century, just because I love it. But let’s talk about that beautiful woman, Diana, goddess of the hunt, that protect animals and forests in the Roman mythology. She is Artemis in the Greek mythology and you for know more about her, read her history on Mythology Guide.
The artist, the French painter Jean-Antoine Watteau made many works in the XVII century and some for the nobility. That is why you can find some works of him on The National Gallery of Washington and that is the reason why he has a room on Louvre Museum. Famous painters had and have more privileges, of course. There are more works of Jean-Antoine Watteau on line, like WebMuseum, with a biography and more paintings, CGFA, Olga’s Gallery and Web Gallery of Art, where are some paintings have comments.

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