Why I need Movable Type 3.1

I have an old version of Movable Type. Now Movable Type 3.1 was launched! And I want it! I need it! I’m tired of those spam comments on my weblog. Everyday there is a post about Cialis, blackjack or other things very unusefull and the MT-Blacklist is the plugin of my dreams.
On why choose Movable Type? you wil know why so many people love this publishing platform. It is not so easy to use as make a blog on Blogger, but much more powerfull and no ads! Sure that if you have to know much more than a simple user to instal MT, but I really recommend use it.
Now you ask: so why you don’t upload? A simple answer: I don’t have acess to the machine where my weblog is. A need the password and some knowledge to upload MT too. So, I started again my campaign to André upload the MT to me. Another thing that I want is the plugins. They look so great! Just a few of them for help me to blog here.
If you wanna know more things about Movable Type there is some good blogs, like Movable Type Education Weblog Portal, Learning Movable Type and MovableBlog. You can find more articles about MT on other blogs too, just try on Google.
BTW, I don’t recomend MT if you just want a very simple site. With MT you can create multiple weblogs with some authors for weblog. You can choose the best license for you there. For me just a simple and free upload could be fine.

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