Somethings about Math

The whole thing is a number. Pythagoras
For curious people, for those who likes Math or for people who likes new links, Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics is a good place to visit. The site is a collection of artucles and you can surf there for area or selecting the colourful balls on the site, divide for area to. Wich mathematic are has one colour, just choose one of the 97 areas.
And still talking about maths, there is a great book called The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures from Malba Tahan. The writer was a brazilian writer and teacher who wrote a lot of books about maths. Malba Tahan is Júlio César de Mello e Souza.
Claro que você encontra O homem que calculava nas livrarias brasileiras. E dentre os outros livros de matemática de Malba Tahan tente encontrar Os números governam o mundo que está esgotado. A propósito o título é uma frase de Pitágoras e eu acho que ele tinha razão.
The man counted

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