Today I read a lot about cats, organizations, animal rights, sites of people that love cats and animals. I finished on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). After read somethings there I thought that I have to stop to eat meat, chicken and fish (at least I don’t eat cute pink pigs). You can download PETA’s Animal Times Fall 2004 to read.
I will add more buttons and adds on my page for causes that I support, organizations. I have to redesign this site, but first I have to format my computer (is a little crazy to use some programs here).

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2 Responses to PETA

  1. Ghost Creator says:

    Format??? WTF? 😛
    You should move to GNU/Linux. At least, create a second partition for it.
    There’s a new distro coming! Debian powered, sign here for some free CDs:
    Thanks for your blog!
    Anonymous Ghost

  2. Bibi says:

    Do you speak Portuguese?Hum, ok…
    Bem vindo ao “fantástico” mundo do windows onde tudo dá pau, inclusive o programa de boot do linux. EU tenho um conectiva instalado, mas deu pai no programinha de boot e ele não roda mais. Da última vez que meu namorado tentou arrumar quase sumiu com tudo que eu tenho. O problema é que tenho coisas demais no Windows e não posso simplesmente mudar pro Linux de vez.
    And Thanks for the comment!

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