La maja desnuda

To increase the audience on my weblog I decide to use an old trick: naked women! Now every week I will go choose a naked woman to put here. The lady of the week is: the Duchess of Alba, but youcan call her La maja desnuda:
Nude Maja
That paiting has a long history of censoship and was called obscene.
The paiter of that picture is Francisco de Goya. About him there are enough information online to know about his work, some online galleries like CGFA, ARC, NGA, artcyclopedia, a dedicate site to his 250 aniversary, a movie about Goya, books about Goya, a website with his biography, paitings and Spanish version, and a lot of other sites, just try Google search. And, if you want to know what is my favourite Goya work, that is easy: El sueño de la razon produce monstruos.

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  1. Biss says:

    Suave, esplendido

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