How do I save my webpages

Did I talk about Furl here? No, well I don’t remember. Furl is a fantastic tool for people who like to find sites and webpages again. For example, you are doing some work and some a lot of interesting pages, so you add to your bookmarks. But when you look for that page again, surprise: there is no more page! For things like that Furl is the webtool of my dreams.
Before you get your free account you can save a whole page on Furl using a bookmarklet (there are three versions). You can import and export your bookmarks and add and Furl entry on your website. Ok, there are more: with Furl your friends can subscribe via rss or mail your page entries on Furl; you can post comments, give notes, add words for search on your bookmarks, save them for categories add furl member on your contact subscriptions list and send your news pages for selected emails. The site search is very good: you can search for word or categories, you can sign some category via email or rss or just search on your archive. On the site you can find the latest news about the tool (and subscribe) and see the most popular pages. If you want you can make you pages saved on Furl private. There are more good reasons for use Furl and you can read about it on:
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Say farewell to Blogs and Bookmarks and get your Furl on.
You can read my Furl Archive too. And before I forget you can allocate 5GB of storage on Furl.

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