HELP: I have more invites for Gmail!

Hi, I need help: you just have to ask me. I have a lot of Gmail invites and everybody I know has one! There are always more invites… someone said that Gmail invites are like Agent Smith: you kill them but there are always more.
So, please can you help me? Do you know someone that wants an invite? I remember… there was one time when people pay or kill for a Gmail account, and now nobody wants one…. good times those when people fight for an invite. Now I have to beg for someone ask me for one. If you don’t have an account yet and you can’t ask me for one, you can buy one on eBay .
Ok, you will say that you don’t want one, but what webmail did you use? Remember that Gmail has 1 giga of space, the search is very fast, you can import you adress book and Google is so cool! Google has a lot of great things in internet and technology, you can read about Google to know more, and like everything that Google does Gmail rock! If you have a Gmail account you have status! Yes, I’m trying to convince people to ask me for one.
BTW, my email is [at] and if you really wants an invite send me one email.

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