The horror! The horror!

What the hell is going on there: Orkut?!?!
I was a little tired of what has been happening there, on Orkut: lots of FOAF messages, too many e-mails on communities, people saying what I have to do (Hey, I’m there since the very first few days! What are they thinking?), overloaded site, frequent Bad, bad server and this:
Google Error
Well, ok, I will survive. There are a lot of good people that I knew there, and I found on orkut people that I hadn’t seen for many years. So, there is hope and that is why I stay there. And Emmy thinks the same, as can see on her post. But today I saw The horror: 33 requests from people who wants to be my friends, and I only knew two of them! And I stayed away from Orkut for only two days! Well, that didn’t happen only to me. Earlier I had read about it on Emmy’s Blog about it. People from Araraquara, Natal, Porto Alegre, Iran, Rio de Janeiro, Canoas, India, Germany and other places. I don’t know what to do, but you can see part of the horror below:
Orkut hell

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  1. Adam Rifkin says:

    I know exactly what you’re saying, Bibi. I feel your pain…

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