Camera phone

I have a new toy called Flickr!. It is another Social Software, not so new, but very easy to use. You can upload images, select who can see them, save images from site to there and save your favourite photos from another people and friends on Flickr. There are some communities there and you can read the posts on your RSS reader! Like all Social Software you can add people as contact, friend or family (and by your selection people can or can’t see your photos). There is also a kind of chat, called Start FlickrLive and one e-mail.
The most cool things: the tags to see all the public images or your friends images or your images; you can upload your pictures by e-mail or using your cellphone; and you can publish a photo to your blog using e-mail or directly with Flickr. Great!
About camera phone, I love the idea and I’m using this. Dannah Boyd wants one cool camera phone as you can read on her weblog. I thought about put one photo took with my camera phone on this post, but I will go use Flickr for do that on my next post.
By the way, you can see my photos on Flickr and my Flickr profile too. Thanks and try Flickr too.

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